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The "Heart of the St. John Valley."

The Greater Madawaska area is well known for its friendly people and great hospitality. Serving as the center of Acadian culture in Maine.

Town Of Madawaska Maine Dog LicenesTown Of Madawaska Maine Dog Licenes

The State of Maine requires that dogs be licensed in the town of residence of the owner. Each dog six (6) months of age or older must be licensed. Dog licenses expire on December 31st of each year.

The cost at the Town Clerk's office is $6.00 for a spayed/neutered dog; $11.00 for a dog that is not spayed/neutered. Additional late fees of $25.00 are imposed after January 31st of each year.

To receive a license, dog owners must show a State of Maine rabies certificate, a spay/neuter certificate, and provide your dog's veterinarian's name.

A kennel license can be obtained when there are five (5) or more dogs owned by the same person. Up to ten (10) dogs are allowed per kennel. A State of Maine rabies certificate is needed for each dog. The cost for a kennel is $42.00, but before obtaining a kennel license, the dog owner must meet with the Town's Code Enforcement Officer. Also needed is an on-site visit by the Animal Control Officer. A late fee of $25.00 is imposed after December 31st of each year.

For any questions or to report animal abuse, contact the Animal Welfare Department in Augusta at 1-877-269-9200.

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