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Madawaska Midtown Revitalization Project

August 22, 2023
Madawaska’s Midtown Revitalization Project Qualifies for a $2 Million Dollar Investment from the U.S. Economic Development Administration

Madawaska, Maine - The U.S. Economic Development Administration has awarded the Town of Madawaska a $2.1 Million dollar grant to renovate and revitalize the Midtown Shopping Plaza.
The purpose of the project is to spur job creation and economic development by making investments in public infrastructure that are necessary to make the site and surrounding properties suitable for redevelopment.
Work as the site includes upgrades to sewer and water infrastructure, reconstruction of the Main Street and 7th Avenue entrances into the Plaza, ADA compliant sidewalks, traffic calming measures that include a vehicle reverse direction traffic pattern, and parking lot reconstruction.
Additional work includes the renovation of the vacant “Subway” building to create an entrepreneurial maker space, expansion of the Farmer’s Market which will include public bathrooms and washroom facilities, a designated location for food-trucks, EV car charging stations, pad-site preparation for a drive-thru banking kiosk and construction of a multi-use recreational trail to improve access to the downtown.
Madawaska Town Manager, Gary Picard states that “This project has been a few years in the making and would not be possible without the financial assistance of the Economic Development Administration.
Picard further adds, this investment by the EDA will be transformational to Madawaska’s Downtown, as the improvements to public infrastructure are necessary to provide sewer, water and fire protection for the new Fish River Rural Health Medical Center, the expansion of the Farmers Market, the creation of a Business Makerspace for local vendors, the multi-use recreational trail to support tourism based commerce and other service-based amenities which will re-anchor the vacant retail plaza as a new and modern hub for business in the downtown area.
The area will once again be active and vibrant which will make the former Kmart building much more attractive for redevelopment by private developers.”
The overall project has been a work-in-progress with the prior removal and remediation of dilapidated retail buildings, and site restoration made possible by grants by from the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development, CDBG and the Northern Border Regional Commission.
Madawaska Midtown Revitalization Project
A preliminary draft of the engineer’s site plan for the plaza development to encompass components of the Farmer’s Market and Maker Space, Parking, Fish River Rural Health area, Main Street traffic calming and ease of flow patterns, as well as the multi-use trail and a multitude of other projects in the works for this new development.
Photo courtesy of Woodard & Curran March 2023