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RV Parking Permits - Shoreland Zone

If you are parking an RV or Tent site within the Shoreland Zones, a town-issued parking permit maybe required.

1. Familiarize yourself with which Shoreland Zone you are in.
2. Based on #1 there are different rules and restrictions for Individual Campsites (not associated with a campground) and may require permitting by the Town.
                            -Maine DEP Shoreland Zoning Chapter 1000
                            -Town of Madawaska Shoreland Zoning 

3. No gray or black water can be discharge with proper septic or pumper's agreement in any zone!
4. All seasonal campsites must be at least 100' from the High-Water Mark of a Great Pond (lake) or River flowing to it, and 75' from any tributaries or wetlands.
     That number increases to 250' in a Resource Protected District.
5. Individual/private campsite (not associated with a campground) is allowed in the Shoreland Zoning provided the following conditions are met:
            a. One campsite per lot existing on the effective date of the town's shoreland ordinance; or 30,000 square feet of lot area within the Shoreland zone, whichever is
                  less may be permitted.
            b. When an individual private campsite is proposed on a lot that contains another principal use and/or structure, the lot must contain the minimum lot dimensional
                 requirements for the principal structure and/or use, and the individual campsite, separately.
            c. Campsite placement on any lot, including the area intended for an RV or Tent platform, shall be set back 100 feet in horizontal distance from the normal HWM of
                 the lake or river flowing to it, and 75 feet, horizontal distance from the HWM of other bodies, tributary streams, or wetlands. 
            d. Only 1 RV per campsite. The RV shall not be located on any type of permanent foundation except a gravel pad, and no structures except the RV canopy shall be 
                  attached to the RV.
            e. Clearing of vegetation within the 250' HWM needs permitting for siting an RV, tent, or similar shelter, and in a Resource Protection District limited to 1000 sq. ft.
             f. A written sewage disposal plan describing the proposed method and location of sewage disposal shall be required for each campsite and shall be approved by the 
                 local plumbing inspector. When disposal is off-site, written authorization from the receiving facility or a pumper's agreement is required.
             g. If RV, tent or similar shelter is placed on-site for more than 120 days per year, all requirements for residential structures shall be met, including the installation of
                  SSWW in compliance with the State of Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Rules unless served by a public sewage facility.

Madawaska RV Parking Permit

Please remit annually to the Madawaska Code Enforcement Office with all supporting documentation.

Town of Madawaska, Code Enforcement Officer
328 St. Thomas Street, Suite 101
Madawaska, ME 04756

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