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Here is where you'll find the latest press releases and current newsworthy information.
Madawaska Election Results
Where are the Recyling Locations in Madawaska?
Madawaska Fire Department announces 3 retiring
SJValley Historical Sites 2024
New Madawaska Bridge will OPEN to Traffic June 3-6, 2024
Community Clean-Up Days
RV Parking Permits - Shoreland Zone
Valley Recycling Bin Locations
Madawaska Water District is requesting your help!
Madawaska Job Opportunities Listing
Madawaska Public Hearing's Staff and Public Comments for Town Manager Search on 3/19/2024
Meet Madawaska Police K9 Luka
Madawaska Public Library - New Access Point for Aroostook Area on Aging
Madawaska Selectmen Show Appreciation
Madawaska fills some public works jobs but still searching for director
Madawaska to receive another $2.1 million for plaza redevelopment
Our new website is launched!