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Building Codes, Ordinances

Welcome to an informational page on State of Maine Building Codes, Standards and Statutes

Building Codes & Standards

Maine Uniform Building Energy Code(MUBEC)
Office of State Fire Marshal - Building Codes
International Codes (IBC, IRC, IECC)
NFPA 101 Life Safety Codes

Maine Ground Snow Loads
ATC Hazards by Location
Department of Energy
REScheck for Residential Energy
COMcheck for Commercial Energy 
2021 IBC Foundation & Footings Quick Guide
Fire & Smoke Protection Quick Guide
IBC Basic Occupancy Groups
IECC Guide for Homes, R-Values
IBC Sprinkler Cheat Sheets
Types of Construction
Radon Information

When do I need to involve the Fire Marshall's Office for Construction permits?

Any building or structure constructed, operated or maintained for use by the general public, including, but not limited to, all buildings or portions of buildings used for:
(1) State, municipal, or county purposes; 
(2) Education; 
 (3) Health care, residential care nursing homes or any facility licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services; 
(4) Public assembly;  
(5) A hotel, motel, inn or rooming or lodging house;  
6) A restaurant;  (Clarified as 50 or more occupants); 
(7) Business occupancy of more than 3,000 square feet or more than one story; or   
(8) Mercantile occupancy of more than 3,000 square feet or more than one story.  

A NEW fire alarm being installed in an occupancy within the list of one of the 8 occupancy types listed above, if not already included in the construction permit through this office.  This applies regardless of if a fire alarm is not required for the occupancy type.  If a fire alarm system is being installed within one of the 8 occupancies listed above, they shall obtain a permit through the SFMO. 

 Any NEW NFPA 96 Commercial cooking hood systems with fire suppression being installed requires a permit through this office regardless of the occupancy.  The only exception would be within a dwelling. 

 Also, the trigger for a Maine Licensed design professional in accordance with Title 32 §226 is $50,000.00.  Any project $50,000.00 or greater requires a Maine Licensed design professional to stamp the drawings that are submitted to the Office of State Fire Marshal for permitting.

Lastly, “Barrier-Free” is the ADA portion of our permitting process.  This is never a stand-alone permit. 

All barrier free permits required a construction permit, either through a delegated community or through the SFMO, as well as the building code surcharge.  For new construction, it is mandatory to obtain a Construction and barrier free permit for the 8 occupancy classifications listed above.  This also applies for projects exceeding $75,000.00 unless the design professional provides certification that the project meets ADA requirements. 

Fire Marshall's Construction & Barrier-Free Application Packet

  State Statutes (Building Codes)

MUBEC (Maine Uniform Building Energy Codes)

State Statutes (other)

Maine Food Sovereignty Act - Chapter 8-F

Construction Warning

Home Construction & Repair: Buyer Beware!

Other State Information

Selling Homemade Food in Maine - Maine Home Food Manufacture vs. Maine Food Sovereignty

Training Opportunities

Energy Code Training - 2021 IECC Codes

  Madawaska Ordinances & Adoptions for Codes

Land Use Zoning
Shoreland Zoning
Madawaska Food Sovereignty - 
Roads Closed to Winter Maintenance
Fireworks Ordinance
Floodplain Management Ordinance
Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Madawaska Grand Plan 2018-2028
Madawaska Wellhead Protection Ordinance
Wellhead Map

Proposed Ordinances 2024
Solar Ordinance