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Welcome to the Finance Department

About Us

The Finance Department is responsible for planning, directing and controlling financial and administrative functions for the Town and Departments, by following municipal policies and procedures and in accordance with Federal and State legislation.
This is accomplished by balancing general ledger accounts monthly, quarterly and yearly financial reporting, year-end preparation for the annual independent financial audit and overseeing the balancing of the Town's monthly bank statements.
In addition, this office processes accounts payable, accounts receivable, assists with real estate and personal property supplemental and abatements, and assists the Town Manager with budget preparation.

All applications must be filled out in its entirety and returned to the Madawaska Town Office.

Finance Dept. Forms & Applications

Important Dates

Assessment Date: April 1st
Commitment Date: tentative December 1st 
Appeals Deadline: You have 185 days to file for Abatement
Fiscal Tax Year: July 1 - June 30
2023-2024 Tax Rate: 24.50 per thousand
2022-2023 Tax Rate: 22.75 per thousand 
Certified Ratio: 
Payment Deadline: March 15th 

  Contact Us
328 St. Thomas Street, Suite 101
Madawaska, ME 04756

Finance Director
Caryl Albert

VRF / Accounts Payable
Amy Russell

Tax Accessor
Lewis Cousins

 Homestead Exemption Program FAQ
How do I pay my Property Taxes

Important Taxpayer's Notice

As per State Law, the ownership and valuation of all real and personal property subject to taxation shall be fixed as of April 1st. 
If you sold your real estate after April 1st of this year, it is your obligation to forward this bill to the current property owner. Failure to forward may result in a lien being placed against your name. If you have an escrow account, please forward a copy to your mortgage holder prior to the due date.

Revenue Sharing & State Aid to Education have already reduced local property taxes this fiscal year by approximately:
2022-2023: 39.0%