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Madawaska Shoreland Rules & Regulations

Welcome to the Shores of Long Lake in St. David (Madawaska), Maine.

Madawaska's Shoreland Zoning Ordinances (adopted June 2021) is the Building & Land Codes for Madawaska

Chapter 1000 Guidelines for Municipal Shoreland Zoning Ordinances. These are standards that the MDEP uses as a guide when reviewing municipal ordinances. A municipality need not adopt the guidelines word for word. Municipalities are encouraged to consider local planning documents and other special local considerations. A municipality may wish to adopt a more stringent ordinance, or an ordinance different from the "Guidelines". This is acceptable as long as the ordinance is equally or more effective in achieving the purposes of the Shoreland Zoning law.

Links & References to aid in Permitting in the Shoreland Zone (250' from HWM)

HWM - High Water Mark is determined by a DEP or Code Enforcement Office of the district
Clearing of Vegetation & Trees in Shoreland
Shoreland Guidelines for Restoration Plan for Clearing Violations
DEP List of Land Laws
Recreational Parking in Shoreland Zones
PERMIT-BY-RULE (NRPA) Information & Application