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Welcome to the Assessor's Office

About Us
The Assessor's Office is responsible for the valuation of all real and personal property in Madawaska in accordance with Maine State Law.
Annually, the Accessor's Office reviews valuations, making adjustments that include any additions and deletions, as well as adjusting for market changes. The department is responsible for maintaining accurate records of property ownership, processing exemptions for homestead, blind, veterans and widow of veterans.
(Note: The accessors are in Madawaska periodically. If you wish to meet with the accessor, please call the contact info below).

Important Dates

Assessment Date: April 1st
Commitment Date: tentative December 1st 
Appeals Deadline: You have 185 days to file for Abatement.
Fiscal Tax Year: July 1 - June 30
2023-2024 Tax Rate: 25.40 per thousand dollars of Assessed Value
2022-2023 Tax Rate: 22.75 per thousand dollars of Assessed Value
Certified Ratio: 112%
Payment Deadline: March 15th

Madawaska Tax Maps

Application for Homestead Exemption, Blind Exemption, Veteran's Exemption (62 years old OR 100% service related disability), Current Use Tree Growth, Farm Land or Open Space must be filed in the Assessor's Office by April 1st.

If an exemption has already been granted to you, there is no need to re-apply.
Tree Growth - Must reapply every 10 years or notify new owner's that parcel is in Tree Growth as they will need to reapply.
Homestead & Veteran's Exemptions need to be applied for by new owners of a property.

State Property Tax Programs

The State Property Tax Deferral Program is a lifeline loan program that can cover the annual property tax bills of Maine people who are ages 65 and older or are permanently disabled and who cannot afford to pay them on their own. The loan program allows Maine’s most vulnerable community members to age in place and ensures that property taxes are still delivered to municipalities, requiring repayment of the loan once the property is sold or becomes part of an estate.
Property Tax Deferral Program 

Eligible Maine taxpayers may receive a portion of the property tax or rent paid during the tax year on the Maine individual income tax return whether they owe Maine income tax or not. If the credit exceeds the amount of your individual income tax due for the tax year, the excess amount of credit will be refunded to you.
Property Tax Fairness Credit

CLICK HERE to read important notices about property taxes for Buyers and Sellers

  Contact the Assessor

Aroostook Regional Assessing 
Lewis Cousins, Accessor
12 Second Street
Presque Isle, ME 04769
Phone: (207) 760-2714

All questions and property records for the Assessor can be taken at the
Madawaska Town Office
328 St. Thomas Street, Suite 101
Madawaska, ME 04756
Phone: (207) 728-6351

Land Classification
As a landowner you may qualify for one of the following:

Farm Land Application
Farm Land Description
Open Space Application
Open Space Description
Tree Growth Application
Tree Growth Description

Maine Revenue Service
Property Tax Division for information on Laws regarding property taxation. 
Maine Revenue Services Administers several programs aimed at providing eligible Maine taxpayers with tax relief for:

Property Owners
Excise Tax
Property Tax Relief 
Transfer Tax

Business Equipment Tax Exemption
Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement
Commercial Forestry Tax
Telecommunications Tax