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Permit Applications Forms

Welcome to the Code Enforcement Building & Land Use Permits Page


Here is a list of Applications for Permits available to you at this time. If what you seek is not listed, click the link above or contact the Code Enforcement Office.

Building Permit - Commercial
Renovations Permit - Commercial
Building Permit - Residential / Duplex
Renovations Permit - Residential/Duplex
Accessory Building Permit 
Privacy Fence
General Land Use (Residential)
Driveway Permit (town owned streets)
Driveway Permit (state owned)
Shoreland Building & Land Use Permit Application
Shoreland Tree Removal Permit
Shoreland Land Use Permit
Shoreland Permit-by-Rule (DEP)Demolition Permit
Internal Plumbing Permit
Sign Permit
Land Use Permit
Home Occupancy Permit
Change of Use Application
RV Permit Parking

Other Information & Applications
Permit Fee Schedule
Sample Site Plan
Versant Certificate of Compliance
E-911 Address Form
Zoning Exceptions (Variance / Special Exceptions / Misc Exception)
Administrative Appeals Application
Plumbing Permit
Extraction & Mining
FOAA Request 
Subsurface Wastewater Information
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Code Enforcement & Planning Office

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Don Dechaine, Licensed Plumbing Inspector

Location of Office
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Fax: (207) 728-3611

Hours Available in Office
Monday - Tuesday          8:00 am to 3:00 pm
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Friday - by appointment

Zoning Questions
All zoning information is available through this office by calling 207-728-3612