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Permit Applications Forms

Welcome to the Code Enforcement Building & Land Use Permits Page


Here is a list of Applications for Permit available to you at this time. If what you seek is not listed, contact the Code Enforcement Office.

Building Permit - Commercial
Renovations Permit - Commercial
Building Permit - Residential / Duplex
Renovations Permit - Residential/Duplex
Accessory Building Permit (new)
Accessory Building Permit (renovation)
Privacy Fence
General Land Use (Residential)
Driveway Permit (town owned streets)
Driveway Permit (state owned)
Shoreland Building Permit
Shoreland Tree Removal Permit
Shoreland Land Use Permit
Shoreland Permit-by-Rule (DEP)
Demolition Permit
Internal Plumbing Permit
Sign Permit
Land Use Permit
Home Occupancy Permit
Change of Use Application
Current Permit Extension

Other Information & Applications
Permit Fee Schedule
Sample Site Plan
Versant Certificate of Compliance
E-911 Address Form
Zoning Exceptions (Variance / Special Exceptions / Misc Exception)
Administrative Appeals Application
Plumbing Permit
Extraction & Mining
FOAA Request 
Subsurface Wastewater Information
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Code Enforcement & Planning Office

Denise Duperré, Code Enforcement Officer

Don Dechaine, Licensed Plumbing Inspector

Location of Office
328 St. Thomas Street, Suite 101
Madawaska, ME 04756
Fax: (207) 728-3611

Hours Available in Office
Monday - Tuesday          8:00 am to 3:00 pm
Weds - Thursday             8:00 am to noon
Friday - by appointment

Zoning Questions
All zoning information is available thru this office by calling 207-728-3612