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Fire Department


Chief's Statement
  General Office Information
Fire Station / Safety Complex Building
428 Main Street, 
Madawaska, ME 04756

Fire Station #2 
3 Lavertu Road
St. David, ME 04773

Jim Soucy, Chief
Phone: (207) 728-7716 Non-Emergency
Fax: 728-3611
Emergency DIAL 911

Permits & Information

Burn Permit Application
Fireworks Permit Application

Resources & Helpful Links 

Home Fire Escape Plan
Prevent Fires
Fireworks Ordinance
Maine's Law on Fireworks

On behalf of the volunteer members of the Madawaska Fire & Rescue Department, it is our goal to provide the citizens of Madawaska with the best Fire & Rescue protection services possible. 
We are regularly engaged in fire prevention and education programs as a way to accomplish this goal, not to mention the countless hours of professional training our brave and dedicated volunteers complete. Thier continual sacrifice in service to the community, businesses and homeowners in the total 72 square miles that compromises of Madawaska and Saint David, allows us to currently enjoy the benefits of a Class 5 insurance classification.
Please be sure to check your fire and smoke detectors monthly, change batteries on a yearly basis, and test your home's CO detector. 

Jim Soucy, Fire Chief

Join our Team

Please see our EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT page for more information about Emergency Preparedness.

Fraser built a paper company in 1926 and 2 years later in 1928, Madawaska’s first Fire Department was built. The first Fire Department had sixteen volunteer fire fighters and was led by Fire Chief George Rice. Today, the Madawaska Fire Department is made up of volunteers, including EMS persons who are all on call 24/7. This Department also participates and receives mutual aid from neighboring towns.