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Welcome to the Madawaska Public Works Department

The Public Works Department allows for the Town of Madawaska to run smoothly,
ensuring that the town remains aesthetically and practically cohesive.

Spring 2024
The Public Works Department has developed a tentative sweeping schedule to give residents a general idea of when crews will be sweeping their neighborhood. This list is subject to changes as a good stretch of weather could allow us to get ahead, or we could fall behind with a few days of poor weather or if unforeseen breakdowns occur.
Schedule: US Route 1 from Gagnon Road to the Frenchville town line takes priority first. Our sweepers have mostly finished the back settlement roads. Town crews have started on the west end of town, 26th Avenue going east.
Weather: Work crews hope for dry weather or light rain showers, as both weather conditions are ideal for high-production sweeping. If we receive heavy rains, crews will take these opportunities to perform critical maintenance on the machines as they receive much wear and tear.
How can You help?
Residents can help Public Works speed up the sweeping operations by avoiding parking on the street during these times. This will also add to the quality of the sweeping performed if the sweeping units could move straight through an area without going around any parked vehicles.
If you rake and clean your lawn/yard, please take note DO NOT add debris such as leaves, branches, or rubbish onto the sweeper's path. These items should be collected separately and disposed of properly.

It’s MUD SEASON here in Maine. The HEAVY LOADS LIMITED / POSTED ROADS will go into effect on March 4, 2024. Loads with a gross weight of 23,000 pounds or more are not allowed on posted roads. It will remain in effect until further notice.

The following Roads are restricted from Heavy Loads:
11th Avenue, Gagnon, Dufour, Starbarn, Aspen, Lake Shore, Lavertu, Golf Course, Gendreau, Cyr, Fournier, Joachim and Old Post Office Roads.
  Contact Us
9 Public Works Avenue
Madawaska, ME 04756
Phone: (207) 728-3607
Emergency Cell: 207-316-6238

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Phone: (207) 728-3607

vacant, Public Works Director

About Us
The Madawaska Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining the current
infrastructure of the Town and building new infrastructure when needed.

Duties include removing items such as fallen trees on roads, maintaining town-owned spaces, plowing and snow removal in the winter, culvert maintenance, flushing our sewer main lines, fixing fallen traffic
signs, addressing pothole issues, paint striping town streets and lines on town-owned roads,
maintaining sidewalks and maintenance of town-owned equipment.

Road/Misc Issues
Tree Issues
Street Light Issues
Sewer Line Issues

Permits Available
New Driveway Permit - Town Road
MDOT Driveway Permitting
MDOT Signs

Spring Resources & Information
Information on Heavy Loads Restrictions in Maine

The Public Works Department takes care of the Town’s Road and What used to be the work of sixteen men has been cut down to nine with the ongoing budget cuts. Not only do they take care of all Town-road-related issues throughout all four seasons, but they also have 2 mechanics who are in charge of all Town Department vehicle and equipment maintenance, besides the school buses.