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Welcome to Madawaska's Park & Recreation

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About Us

The Recreation Department is partially funded by the Town but is largely a fee-based program. The Recreation Department has received various grants including the Child Nutrition Summer Program Grant which provides 2 free hot meals a day to children who participate in the Summer Recreation Programs. This Department also receives sponsors from local businesses to fund various programs or activities.

If you wish to schedule any of our parks or facilities for an event, please call us directly at 207-728-3604

To reach someone who may be at the Madawaska Recreation Building, call 207-728-3605.


The Madawaska Recreation Department has been providing safe and fun activities for all ages since 1967. The Recreation Department was run out of various small huts where games and activities were signed out daily until 1977 when the Multi-Purpose Center, where the Recreation Department is now located, was built. With 14 part-time employees hired for the summer, they provide over 100 activities for children and adults of all ages. 


  Park & Recreation Contacts

Department Director, Rebecca Cyr
Phone: 728-6351 ext:860   
Phone: (207) 316-9968
Phone: (207) 728-3605   
Facilities & Maintenance Director
Alan Beaulieu
Phone: (207) 728-6351


Multi-Purpose Building, Rec Center
160 7th Avenue, 
Madawaska, ME 04756

Madawaska Fitness Center (gym)
Madawaska MHS 12th Avenue
Phone: (207) 728-9302

Bicentennial Park
Corner of 12th Avenue & St. Thomas St

Birch Point Beach & Park
46 Chapel Road
St. David (Madawaska)

Green Space Park 
309 Main Street

Ampitheatre Park
346 Main Street

Sports Hut
Corner of 11th & French Street (south)

Madawaska Tennis Court
Corner of 11th & French St (north)

Soccer Fields - 11th Avenue
Baseball/Softball Fields - French Street
Baseball/Softball Field - Green Point Rd, St. David
Little League Field - 160 - 7th Avenue
Football Field - 160 - 7th Avenue
Pickle Ball Court - Green Point Rd, St. David
Volley Ball Court - Birch Point Beach
Outdoor Basketball Court - Green Point Rd, St. David