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Things to Do in Madawaska

Madawaska, the most northeast municipality in the USA is located in the crown of Aroostook County, the biggest county east of the Mississippi River.

Things to Do

1. Four Corners Park
          Four Corners Park is a beautiful park mid-town that offers views of the municipality and the stunning St. John River. It's an ideal spot for a picnic, easy stroll, and the park has a beautiful water fountain, memorial pavers and beautiful flora.

2. Madawaska Historical Museum
          The Historical Museum and Acadian Cross Site Landing in St. David showcases the history and heritage of the Madawaska area. It houses artifacts, photos and displays that trace local history from its early days. Learn about Madawaska's rich Acadian history, cultures and traditions.

3. Trails for Outdoor Recreation
           Madawaska and its surrounding neighbors offer numerous trails for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, ATVing, snowshoeing, bird watching and so much more! Check out the Four Seasons Trail Association, the Madawaska Snowmobile Club, the Madawaska Valley ATVenture Club for information and updates on trails.

4. Water Recreation 
          Madawaska has a boat launch on the St. John River for those who enjoying canoeing, kayaking or fishing. The shores of Long Lake offer hours of swimming, boating and fun-in-the-sun, including the public beach recreational area at Birch Point on Chapel Road.

5. Hospitality at its Best
          All trails will lead you to one of your favorite restaurants or lodging establishments. 


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